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At Get Fab Editing, We offer editing and communications Services that help bring your best writing to the table in a way that is unique to you.

About Us

At get fab editing, we consider ourselves purveyors of fine words. We help people position their writing for the right audience and we do this through fabulous editing and client consulting. When people think of the word fabulous, they probably think Hollywood glamo(u)r. We think of it as extraordinary or amazing and we are confident that our editing process covers the iterations needed to get you fabulous writing results.

Who We Work With

We can't serve everyone even if we wanted to.
We take our time to serve those within our specialty areas. This way you can be rest assured that you our clients are getting the best possible service consult you desire. We work with:

  • Authors of creative non-fiction works

  • Academic and Medical Professionals

  • Authors of Children's Books

  • Small Business Organizations

Why We Do This Work

To bring hidden voices front and center in life and business through the power of words.At GFE, we have experienced firsthand what good writing can do for you. We know what it is to have your writing give you a strong voice and presence in spaces where you might have been silenced because you came from a certain place, looked a certain way, or grew up in a different culture.
We help multilingual writers for whom English may not have been a first language get read and heard in their unique voices.
We know that the right words can be powerful and they grant access to jobs, opportunities and other power spaces. Writing is a powerful access tool and our commitment to you is to help you use this to your advantage and get your voice heard in the space you desire.

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Creative Non-Fiction

We work with independent first time, and established authors of memoirs, essays and short prose who want to go the self-publishing route.We ensure that your written facts match context. We will conduct sensitivity reading where needed as part of our editorial process to see that questions of representation and inclusive language are duly answered.We believe that nonfiction can serve as a form of general education about new ideas or new people experiences. As a conduit from you the writer to your readers, we help with the translation of those ideas in a way that serves your readers and at the same time does not detract from your unique style.If you are new to self-publishing, we work with trusted partners to ensure that your story is published and disseminated to your intended audience.

Academic and Organizational Writing

This is one of our technical writing and editing services.
We work collaboratively with physician, pharmacist and professional organizational clients to edit:

  • journal manuscripts

  • academic profiles

  • letters of intent and statements of purpose

  • academic presentations and handouts.

  • grant proposals and donor campaign messages.

  • instructional materials and assessment items.

Children's Books

At GFE, we know what works for children’s books. We have read more than our fair share of bed time stories to our own kids (our 'beta readers' as we like to call them).Parents like us are usually the first port of call for what their children read. We will help you craft your story so it does what it’s meant to do for children and still appeal to a parent — stories that put children front and center and allow them to immerse themselves in the characters; stories that teach and don’t preach; stories that help them solve problems in their own way.We have worked with many professional clients of color who are filling the much needed space for more diverse books and we love working with them to bring their creation to life.Your next children’s book project awaits. Let us partner with you to see your vision come true.

Hear Our Satisfied Clients

Thank you so much for all your help. The edits look great!
Dr Marie Trent

Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate your time and I look forward to working with you on future projects!
K Brailey

Portfolio Samples

Our clients are based locally and internationally. We have worked with Physicians, Pharmacists and other professionals in the US, UK, Nigeria, and Ghana. Some of our academic clients come from Emory University, University of Suffolk, Samford University, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of Ibadan, Ekiti State Government and others.

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